Adam Berenzweig

I've spent most of my career building products around machine learning. I enjoy taking the latest research breakthroughs and figuring out how to apply them in useful, high-impact projects.


I currently run R&D at CTRL-Labs, a small company in NY building a practical brain-machine interface with surface EMG technology. We're hiring!.

Some press about our work:


In early 2014 I helped start Clarifai, a machine learning company, with Matt Zeiler.

Some talks I've given about Clarifai and current trends in computing driven by machine learning:


I was a software engineer at Google from 2003-2014. I built the initial music recommendation system for Google Music, which you can read about on the Google Research Blog. I worked on Google News, Goggles, Realtime Search, and other projects over the years.


Reflecting The Stars is an art installation I engineered for Jon Morris of The Windmill Factory.

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Sometimes I make music. Don't expect much.