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Ahem. Here are a few nuts i've been squirreling away, nibbling at them late at night when i have time (i.e., not often). remember, you're allowed to laugh. I'm a scientist.

Words In The Night, Music In The Morning by Fathom Farewell

Older sketches, 1999-2006

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The Rhythm Method: Timing

Some older stuff, my band in college, The Rhythm Method. You may remember us from such illustrious gigs such as the Pierson College Christmas Party, the Exeter High School social hour, and Bob's annual barbecue. We also opened for Maceo Parker at Toad's, and for P-Funk during Spring Fling. The band consisted of Matt Singer, Maiya Sykes, Zach Dodes, and myself. I was the bassist, chauffeur, and Maiya-fluffer.

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When I get around to it, I'll digitize the true pride of my musical history: Philth, featuring the inimitable Phil Dunlop.